Game of Checkers

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Director: Patrícia Sequeira
Cast: Ana Nave, Ana Padrão, Fátima Belo, Maria João Luís, Rita Blanco
Genre: Drama
87min | Portuguese with English Subtitles (2016)

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Five close friends gather after the passing of their common friend Martha, at a tourist resort that the deceased was about to open. The group spends the entire night after Martha’s wake reminiscing, eating, drinking, smoking, opening up old wounds, and revealing secrets, in addition to alternately forgiving and judging one another. When the morning comes, the question of the

women’s future friendship remains open.Experienced TV-director Patrícia Sequeira’s first feature has won several awards, incl. Los Angeles Movie Awards for Best Narrative Feature, Best International Film and Best Actress (2016) and Cyprus International Film Festival’s awards for Best Director, Best Leading Actress and Best Script in a First Feature (2016).





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Johannesburg: 8,11 May 2017
Pretoria: 8,11 May 2017
Cape Town: 8,11 May 2017
Durban: 12 May 2017

Tickets are R64. Ster Kinekor discounts apply.