The Netherlands

Find this Dumb Little B*tch and Throw Her into the River

Director: Ben Brand

Cast: Wim OpbrouckYassine KjiSteef Cuijpers

Genre: Drama

Duration: 87min

Find This Dumb Little B*tch And Throw Her Into A River

Inspired by a true story, Brand’s feature debut is a harrowing expose on the psychological effects of Social Media, mob thinking and the consequences of poorly thought out actions. Remco, a 15-year-old boy, lives with his sister and father in a low-income community. His father runs an illegal business selling puppies and his sister is auditioning in a singing competition as she wants to be “famous”. In a bid to gain online popularity and bragging rights amongst his friends, Remco naïvely posts a video with his sister in it. He gets the clicks he wants but the consequences are disastrous. The viewer is left wondering the extent to which we mass mobilize based on what we see on social media and how we navigate through context in this “faceless” medium

New Director Award: Kosmorama Trondheim FF 2018


Johannesburg: 23, 27 June
Pretoria: 24, 28 June
Cape Town: 26, 29 June