Friday 13 November / 18.00

Climate Justice South Africa: sharpening the spear

A series of short presentations articulating the status of local climate change impacts, and outlining mitigation strategies, initiatives, and ways forward for South Africa.

  • From Climate (in)Action to Climate Justice: Prof Patrick Bond (University of Western Cape)
  • Energy Democracy: Ulrich Steenkamp (Earthlife Africa)
  • Environment Protection Urgencies: Avena Jacklin (Groundwork)
  • Youth Activism: Ayakha Melithafa (African Climate Alliance)

Moderator: Tiny Mungwe


Monday 16 November / 18.00

Social Media and Me – who is winning? 

A prescient look at the impact of social media on individuals and society, and how we manage our actual and virtual realities. 

Magnus von Horn (Director, Sweat), Dr. Khosi Jiyane (Clinical Psychologist, HumanEdge).

Moderator: Yusrah Bardien

Becoming Mona

Tuesday 17 November / 18.00

Transforming Book to Film

A discussion between film directors and an author about adapting books into films. 

Sabine Lubbe Bakker (Director, Becoming Mona), Niels van Koevorden (Director, Becoming Mona), Griet Op De Beeck (Author, Kom hier dat ik u kus),  Stefan Ruzowitzky (Director, Narcissus and Goldmund) 

Moderator: Tiny Mungwe 


Wednesday 18 November / 18.00

Films and Fake News- an unfortunate true story

Filmmakers and investigative journalists discuss the use of film in spreading fake news and exposing fake news.  

Johannes Naber (Director, Curveball), Holger Stark (Journalist, Die Zeit), Diana Neille (Co-Director, Influence),  Richard Poplak (Co-Director Influence)

Moderator: Africa Melane

Wednesday 18 November / 18.00

Online book launch:  ‘Kom hier dat ek jou soen’ with Griet Op De Beeck.

Flemish writer Griet Op De Beeck in discussion with Azille Coetzee about the translation of her book into Afrikaans. The book became the film Becoming Mona.

Streamed in Afrikaans and Dutch on Facebook Live

*Presented by the General Representation of the Government of Flanders

The 8th

Thursday 19 November / 14.00 

Making the Right to Choice a Reality

Expanding on the issue of reproductive rights in South Africa, this webinar features leaders of the Irish campaign in discussion with local specialists. 

Gaopalelwe Phaleatsile (Abortion Support South Africa), Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng (Commission for Gender Equality), Orla O’Connor (Together for Yes Campaign/ National Women’s Council of Ireland), Siona Cahill (Together for Yes Campaign/ Union of Students in Ireland)

Advanced Registration is required.

Friday 20 November / 18.00

Filming Unspoken Histories – Sylvia Vollenhoven in conversation with Lucas Belvaux

The director of Home Front discusses the making of the film and the uncovering of toxic or buried histories.