Booking process

  1. Go to our film portal (
  2. Use the button on the top right to log in or create an account
  3. Once an account is created and you are logged in – click the rent button on any film and confirm

To watch

  1. The chosen film will be added to your library under your account dropdown (top right)
  2. You will also receive an email confirming your film selection including the link to watch now
  3. A watch now button will also become available on the film page

Availability of the films

  1. Films are only available for viewing from 14 October 2021 (12:00AM) – 24 October 2021 (12:00PM)
  2. All bookings and access to films will automatically start and end within the dates above.
  3. Once a film is booked you have 2 days in which to watch the film otherwise you will need to re-book (subject to availability)
  4. Access to films will close once viewing capacity is reached
  5. All films are free to watch
  6. Films are available to viewers within South Africa only (with a South African IP address)

Bonus Content

  1. If a film includes Bonus Content you will see this listed at the bottom of the film page
  2. This will become available once you have rented a film
  3. To access this content, while playing the film, use the menu on the top right of your screen. A dropdown will open showing the Q&A video. Click the video icon to load

Add to List

  1. You can also create a list of your film choices by clicking add to my list on any of the film profiles
  2. To access your list click on my list from your profile dropdown on the (top right)
  3. You will still need to follow the process to rent, as explained above, in order to watch a film.