Golden Years


Country: Switzerland

Director: Barbara Kulcsar

Cast: Esther Gemsch, Stefan Kurt, Ueli Jäggi, Gundi Ellert

Genre: Comedy / Drama

92 minutes – German with English subtitles – 2022

About this Film

Coming-of-Age can come at any time!

Newly retired, Alice and her husband Peter are ready to finally enjoy their life as pensioners. But their pent-up marital problems bubble to the surface on a cruise trip through the Mediterranean. 

This is the story of an elderly couple on journeys of self-discovery and how they find unexpected ways to spend their golden years.  One surprise follows another as we see that growing old is not for sissies!

Humorous and light-hearted on one hand this film is also refreshingly honest and insightful on the other.  Featuring a stellar cast of some of Switzerland’s most experienced actors, Golden Years was a breakout hit at the Swiss box office, ranking as the most successful Swiss feature film since the beginning of the pandemic.


Barbara Kulcsar’s delightful comedy reminds us that the quest for happiness and personal growth is a lifelong journey – these characters are on a voyage to reinvent themselves and redefine their relationships, and their final destinations will surprise audiences.
Brian Andreotti, Music Box Films

Simply superb and surprisingly uplifting…… “Golden Years” is first-rate craft on every level.

Sensitive, profound, funny and intelligent ….
NZZ am Sonntag 

Sometimes dramatic, often funny, sometimes deliciously abstruse. Despite its lightness, the film seriously deals with what should never be lost in life: the courage for personal change.