In The Fade

Director: Fatih Akin

Cast: Diane KrugerDenis MoschittoNuman Acar

Genre: Crime/Drama

Duration: 106min | German with English Subtitles

Winner of the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, this story is a moving portrait of the modern condition in Europe. A bomb attack changes the life of a woman and her family. As she goes through the process of grieving, the legal process reveals two young right-wing extremists are the cause of the attack. The film follows her journey to closure and life in the absence of her loved ones. Diane Kruger delivers a powerful performance as Katja – maintaining a balance of inner strength and heart-breaking vulnerability.

Golden Globe: Best Foreign Language Film 2018 Best Feature Film and Best Screenplay: German Film Awards 2018
Best Actress: Cannes Film Festival 2017


Johannesburg: 23, 30 June
Pretoria: 27 June
Cape Town: 29 June