Le Ciel Flamand

Director: Peter Monsaert

Cast: Sara VertongenWim WillaertEsra Vandenbussche

Genre: Drama

Duration: 114min

Monique runs a brothel that has been owned by her family for generations. This film poetically follows her as she navigates running the business and being mother to her six-year-old daughter, Eline. Not wanting her daughter to be exposed to the work she does, Monique tells her daughter “if someone needs a hug, they come to me”. With the innocence of a child we watch as these words collide in a life changing moment for the little girl, one that alters the lives of three generations of women in the family. This is a portrait of family life within the sex industry – uncomfortable as it may be, Monsaert delicately weaves in nuance into this devastating tale.

Best Feature Film: Aubagne International FF 2017
Best Supporting Actor and Best Cinematography: FF Oostende 2017


Johannesburg: 24, 26 June
Pretoria: 27, 30 June
Cape Town: 23, 27 June