Mavka – The Forest Song


Country: Ukraine

Directors: Oleh Malamuzh, Oleksandra Ruban

Voices: Laurie Hymes, Eddy Lee, Sarah Natochenny

Genre: Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family /Fantasy

99 minutes – English – 2023

About this Film

There is a brighter future for Ukraine, in a time beyond war! 

This enchanting animation carries unmistakable messages that apply to the current times, with an assortment of good guys and bad guys.  Humans are in conflict with the forest dwellers over the source of Life.  When young and naive forest spirit Mavka develops feelings for a human musician, Lukas, she is forced to choose between her love and her duty as a guardian of the forest.  

We see that the spark of rage has a costly price.  We are in need of a Forest Song. Will it lead to Peace?

Adapted from a 1911 play by the legendary writer, activist and feminist Lesya Ukrainka, which subsequently spawned ballets, theatre works, films and cartoons.  After 7 years of production, Mavka: The Forest Song premiered in Ukraine in March 2023 and set local box office records with its opening, beating out Avatar: The Way of Water.  It has since become the highest-grossing Ukrainian film ever! 

Strong underlying messaging draws attention to the threat on nature by humans, earning support from the World-Wide Fund for Nature, while the music by Daniel Vero was carefully researched in consultation with Ukrainian Folk Culture institutions.  A story for all ages about the magical power of love.

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Mavka transports you to a world of magic, mystery, and folklore. Stunning animation, vivid colors and intricate details bring the characters and landscapes to life. Both poignant and uplifting, this story is a beautiful testament to Ukrainian culture and storytelling.

The mesmerising story of Mavka touches on themes of love, trust, and the coexistence of two worlds: people and forest creatures. All it takes is two loving hearts, a lot of bravery, and the transformative power of music. 
Backer, IMDB

The fundamental narrative of this animation is the struggle for freedom and the right to live on one’s land.
Nadiya Ivanenko, Mezher

Come into Mavka’s world, she speaks for the trees and not only for these.