Country: Romania

Director: Emanuel Pârvu 

Cast: Serban Pavlu, Ana Indricau, Tudor Cucu Dumitrescu, Emilia Popescu

Genre: Drama 

96 minutes: Romanian with English subtitles –  2021

About this Film

Teenager Magda offers her expensive necklace to a sick child, bringing her into conflict with her controlling father who is certain she is lying again. Faced with the truth, he feels ashamed and guilty, but is incapable of admitting he was wrong. With relationships now broken it’s time for everyone to face up to their own traumas.

With an incisive Kafkanian approach, director Emanuel Pârvu cleverly unwraps a complicated situation, full of hovering ambiguities and power dynamics.  Raising questions about moral and possibly criminal responsibility, Mikado evolves from a minor family drama to serious social drama.  This 2nd feature marks Pârvu as one of the notable new wave of directors emerging from Eastern Europe.


Like a delicately constructed mesh, Emanuel Pârvu knits together a taut, involving, and impressively acted narrative.
Johnathan Romney, Screen International

Not only a commentary on family constellations, morality, and a cut-throat, pragmatic society, Mikado is also a fast-paced and gripping thriller, nail-biting in its unfolding. 
Ioana Moldovan, Romania-insider.com

Mikado sucks viewers into its complex weave of antagonistic forces;  it goes deep, putting guilt and accountability under a powerful microscope. 
Ştefan Dobroiu, Cineuropa

Life is full of uncertainties and dilemmas; every action has consequences.
Dromesca, IMDB