The High Sun

Director: Dalibor Matanic

Cast: Tihana Lazovic, Goran Markovic, Nives Ivankovic

Genre: Drama

123min | Croatian with English Subtitles (2015)

Three love stories, unfolding in two Balkan villages over three consecutive decades – in 1991, 2001 and 2011 – and featuring the same key cast, capture the moods of each time – from the initial sense of doom, via the determination to survive and rebuild, to the dream of leaving the past behind though wounds are still festering.

Skillful writing coupled with stellar direction and performances has seen The High Sun and Matanic win numerous awards, among them, Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at Cannes (2015), The International Confederation of Art Cinemas at Sarajevo Film Festival (2015), Best Artistic Contribution at Cairo International Film Festival (2015) and the Slovenian Art Cinema Network’s award for Best Film (2015).


Johannesburg: 7,9 May 2017
Pretoria: 6,9 May 2017
Cape Town: 7,9 May 2017
Durban: 13 May 2017