Zip & Zap and the Captain’s Island

Director: Oskar Santos

Cast: Elena Anaya, Carolina Lapausa, Teo Planell, Tom Wilton, Toni Gómez

Genre: Drama (children’s’ adventure) PG +8

105min | Spanish with English Subtitles (2016)

When the unruly brothers Zip and Zap commit an offense out of the ordinary, they are sentenced to a boring family boat trip with their parents. At least that is what it seems like. Stranded at a remote and mysterious island after a storm, they are invited to stay with Miss Pam, whose home is a children’s paradise with no rules. At first pleased, their parents’ sudden disappearance begins to bother Zip and Zap, who set out to find them together with their newfound friends Flecky and Macky.

The visually stunning second feature film about comic book heroes Zip and Zap has screened at BFI London Film Festival (2016) as well as Miami Film Festival and the Audi Dublin International Film Festival in 2017.


Johannesburg: 6,14 May 2017
Pretoria: 7,13 May 2017
Cape Town: 6,14 May 2017
Durban: 6 May 2017