Belgian Rhapsody

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Director: Vincent Bal

Cast: Amaryllis Uitterlinden, Arthur Dupont, Jos Verbist, Tom Audenaert
Genre: Musical comedy
95min Flemish – French with English Subtitles (2014)

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’50% Flemish, 50% Walloon, 100% Belgian’, is the tagline of this musical take on the divide between Dutch-speaking and French-speaking Belgium. The Flemish brass-band Saint Cecilia and their Wallon counterpart, En Avant, compete for the title Europe’s best brass-band. The sudden loss of Saint Cecilia’s soloist just before the finals, prompts the conductor’s daughter, Elke, to recruit En Avant’s star-soloist, the self-absorbed Hugues.

What follows is a hot mess of grudges, stereotyping, good music and a budding love story.

Seasoned filmmaker Vincent Bal started out as an actor, before shifting to directing for film and TV. His 2012 film, The Zigzag Kid earned him the European Film Academy’s Young Audience Award.





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Johannesburg: 7, 12 May 2016
Pretoria: 7, 14 May 2016
Cape Town: 8, 12 May 2016
Durban: 13 May 2016



Standard ticket price: R55
Ster-Kinekor Club benefits apply