Director: Gabriela Pichler

Cast: Shada IsmaeelMaria NohraSusanne Hedman

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 102min | Swedish with English Subtitles

In an economically declining provincial town, two teenagers set out to showcase the communal heartbeat of their city. Set against the backdrop of the municipality’s desires to pursue the construction of a multinational chain store, the film merges humour and social commentary as it humanises the people that have been long term residents as well as immigrants that have chosen to call this small town their home. Pichler’s cinematic treatment cleverly makes use of “selfie” video techniques mixed with more standardized camera angles to illustrate the generational disconnection and sensibilities of this fictional towns residents.

Dragon Award: Best Nordic Film, Göteborg FF 2018


Johannesburg: 26, 29 June
Pretoria: 23 June, 01 July
Cape Town: 22, 24 June
NAF: 03 July