Big Time

Director: Kaspar Astrup Schröder

Cast: Bjarke IngelsRuth Otero

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 93min

Bjarke Ingels is named “one of architecture’s biggest stars” by The Wall Street Journal. His company is tasked with designing and building one of the skyscrapers that will replace the Twin Towers. The film follows his 5-year journey as he endeavours to complete his biggest project to date. Among Ingels’ noteworthy buildings are a Copenhagen power plant featuring a ski slope on its roof and the world’s tallest climbing wall, and the Danish Maritime Museum in Elsinore. Schröder’s intimate portrait brilliantly straddles the personal and professional in this well-crafted cinematic offering.

Master of Art Film Festival: Best Documentary in Architecture & Design 2017


Johannesburg: 27, 29 June
Pretoria: 26 June
Cape Town: 22 June