Directors: Stéphanie Chuat, Véronique Reymond

Cast: Nina Hoss, Lars Eidinger, Marthe Keller, Jens Albinus

Genre: Drama

99 minutes:  German with English subtitles – 2020

Lisa, once a brilliant playwright, no longer writes. She lives in Switzerland with her family but her heart has stayed in Berlin, beating to the rhythm of her brother’s heart. The ties between the twins have grown stronger since Sven was diagnosed with an aggressive type of leukemia. He’s a famous theatre actor and Lisa refuses to accept his fate, moving heaven and earth to get him back on stage. She gives her all for her soul mate, neglecting everything else, even risking her marriage –  her brother is the mirror that connects Lisa back with her deepest aspirations and rekindles her desire to create, to feel alive…

This intimate, personal tale about sibling love from long-established writer-director duo Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond scooped five top awards at 2021 Swiss Film Awards, including Best Feature Film.  My Little Sister was also the official submission of Switzerland for the Best International Feature Film category of the 93rd Academy Awards in 2021.

With stirring performances and poignant direction, My Little Sister will break your heart in the way only a great film can. Mark Goodyear, Battle Royale 

A thoughtful and deep look at the bonds both breakable and unbreakable in the family. Neely Swanson,  Easy Reader 

It’s a bracing trip, a work of daredevil nerve that serves as its own reward. Ty Burr,  Boston Globe

A stunning film that strikes chords of emotional truth, lingering long after viewing. Josefine A, One Room With A View